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Childbirth Education Classes (Antenatal Classes)
Held by experienced midwives, irrespective of where you are going to deliver your baby.
Comprehensive information is given on all aspects of pregnancy, maternal health, birthing, breastfeeding experience and infant care. All these options as well as pros and cons are available to you. The very friendly, informal sessions will empower new parents and introduce them to other prospective parents and enrich their knowledge so that they are more confident to enjoy this new and wonderful experience.
Course options:
Four classes, held once a week for four weeks in the evening
One day course held on a Saturday
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Family and Friends CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid Course
This course is ideal for all parents and care givers whose role includes caring and looking after babies, infants and children. It will sufficiently prepare you to handle any emergency until trained personnel arrive. This course is accredited by the American Heart Association.
Held on a Saturday, once a month.
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Infant Massage
So much fun! Prepare to enjoy this class with other mums. Infant massage gives you a chance to learn a new skill. Research suggests that infant massage has an enormous benefit for helping babies grow and thrive. Further benefits, are bonding, can help calm and ease a fussy baby, boosts muscle development and help soothe baby to sleep.
Classes held on Monday afternoon.
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Comments from mothers

Very relaxing. A wonderful way to make new friends.
Shirley Hugo:
It is really good for bonding with baby.
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Mommy and Newborn Milestone (M&M) Support Group
Mothers come and join our get together with your newborn baby, in a very relaxed environment. It is socially rewarding to meet other mothers, share experiences and support each other, while learning to support your baby, towards those big milestones ahead. Engage in activities that enhance baby’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. Together mother and baby can bond and enjoy these playful activities.
Class held on Wednesday afternoon.
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Comments from mothers

A nice outing every week to interact and do valuable exercises with baby.
Henriette Tronson
Was an awesome experience. Learnt a lot and me a lot of mommies! Thanks for all the guidance Amanda.